How to execute an order:
You could provide your glassware to be painted by me (cups, bowls, etc.) or the ones I offer.
After selecting and specifying the details (theme, motif, colors) you pay a deposit of 20% of the ordered value. I will prepare a project with sketches.
After you approve the project, I will inform you about the deadline and you will pay additional 30% of the ordered value.
If you want to order stained glass doors and/or windows, after your approval of the project you must provide them at an address specified by me and from the same one you will receive them ready. Doors or windows are painted lying down before installation.

Cleaning and maintenance:
1. Wash with a soft sponge and warm water up to 30 ° C, do not use a dishwasher.
2. Under no circumstances use abrasive detergents containing bleach, acetone, etc.
3. Stained glass is cleaned with a damp cloth, carefully without rubbing and scraping.

If you have any other questions, please feel free contact me through the contact form.