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To help you with your choice, I will shortly describe some styles of modern design, without claiming to be thorough. You can always place an order according to your own individual idea and desire.

Coastal style
Fresh, calm and excitingly diverse, like the sea that inspires him. This style elevates inspiration from nature to refined aesthetics in new dimensions. Abundant sunlight is playfully reflected by elegant contrasts in white and blue. Aqua, azure, turquoise and all the countless shades of blue come to life and remind of summer. With sea motifs - mussels, ropes, anchors, seahorses, etc.

Tropical style
Peculiar, exotic beauty and color of the tropics - lush greenery, warm sands, ocean waves and ethereal breeze. Green, beige, wicker, rattan, bamboo and the like. Light and cool fresh white and warm navy blue and / or sand tones. With floral motifs - tropical flowers, green plants, palm trees, etc.

Classic style
Comfort and pleasure, traditions from the past, originating from the English, neoclassical, French or colonial styles of the XVIII century. The colors are usually pale and simple: pale green, pale yellow and pale gray, in places blending into white lacquer and gilding. Motifs, delicate decorations, time-tested - vine and ivy leaves, roses, columns with perched kissing pigeons, bells, ribbons, musical instruments, flower baskets and idyllic country scenes.

Provence style
Coziness is the key word of this style based on rustic lightness and French chic. Uniting in it are the love and gratitude for the traditions. It can follow different traditions (English, French and many others) and vary in appearance. Warm, fresh, pastel, bright colors and a very wide range of elements that combine to create warmth, smoothness and balance. Mainly white, blue, pale green, light purple and warm earthy colors and colorful decorations with floral motifs, fruits, sun, sea, rocks, etc.

Vintage style
Exquisite elegance and charm carried over time. The colors are in light and neutral tones, with details in a bright color for accent. The movement of the lines is expressed by the contrast of patterns and motifs. Colors are white, gray for the main and black, gold, brown for the accent. Aging, bleaching and presentation in worn details are typical. Motifs - inscriptions, birds, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, etc.

Boho-chic style
The personification of freedom and the rebellious spirit, it expresses a personal non-traditional philosophy of life, which is not limited by the norms of modern society. Cheerful creative mish-mash of colors and patterns, varied in shape and size. The abundance of colors creates a truly cheerful atmosphere.

Art Deco style
Boldness and pomp, expressed in elegant compositions based on order and symmetry, where lines and geometry dominate. Glossy paints. Angular patterns and bold shapes, chrome and brass fittings and plenty of fragmented glass and mirror elements.

And many other styles are embedded in our everyday life: Modern /functionality and simplicity/, Minimalist /minimum details and elements in the Puritan palette/, Scandinavian /similar to the modernist, mainly in black, white and gray/, Industrial /with visible beams, pipes, concrete, bricks, etc., in warm and neutral colors - brown, gray, iron/, Urban /similar to the industrial/, Eclectic /uses details of all styles, arranging them harmoniously in color and composition/, Zen /follows Eastern philosophy for balance and closeness to nature/, Shabby chic /romance in pastel, soft, gentle shades and aged elements/, Country, Ethno, etc.

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